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Birmingham Student Lived In Uni Library For Six Weeks To Earn £30,000



Towards the end of semester, we all feel as though we’re spending our lives in the library to get enough work and revision done.

But what if you were actually living in the library?

A failing student at the University of Birmingham did exactly this – living in the University library for six weeks with the promise of £30,000 as a reward.


The third year student, known as ‘UoB Library Hermit’, moved into the library at midnight on April 25th according to his Facebook page.

The challenge was set by his Lawyer brother, with the offer of £30,000 (enough to pay off his debts) if he achieves the average of 72% that he needs in his exams in order to pass.

We know what you’re thinking – live in the library? Not possible, he’d definitely either cheat or leave as soon as he got fed up.

But he’s explained the strict set of rules and conditions that he has to follow, as set by his brother:

  1.  I may leave the library once daily for no longer than 45 minutes to shower in the Munrow centre. 

  2. I may leave the library every other day, for no longer than 45 minutes, to venture to the 24 hour Tesco Express and/or the market stall in order to buy food, all of which must be consumed in the library.

  3. The rest of the time MUST be spent within the grounds of the library, that is within building itself, and outside, but no further than the bottom step of the stairs leading up to the library. 

  4. If, at any time I break any of the above rules, I will lose the challenge.”



As well as this set of strict rules, his brother has made it impossible for him to pretend he did it, contacting his 6 housemates to make sure that he is constantly spending his days in the library. Wow.

He’s now officially completed his exams, during which time he has earned the ‘Big Name On Campus’ Award as a result of his popularity.

However, he has come under fire on his Facebook page with many people insisting that it’s all a hoax. As well as this, others have even been pretending that they’re him:


He remains to be anonymous, but keeps other students and supporters up-to-date via his Facebook page which has gained over 15,000 likes since he started his mission.

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