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Piers Morgan Just Broke The Law Live On ITV


Piers Morgan’s gone and done something untoward, everyone! What’s that? Was he hacking phones again? No. Was he publishing falsified images resulting in the slaughter of innocent servicemen? No. No, this time it was treason. Oh Piers.

Remember when he used to interview high end celebrities on swanky American TV? Well now he’s apparently doing the laundry for ITVstudios early in the morning and ruffling through trouser pockets in an attempt to find a few stray fivers. Credit where it’s due, though, he finds a couple, but the poor sod’s so hungry that he can’t even wait to spend them on a pasty or something and, instead, starts tearing into the currency like a starved, rabid dog.

Obviously that’s a bit embellished. He was of course testing the durability of the new, plastic 5 note that’s going into circulation today.

It’s against the law to deface something with the Queen’s image on, you see, and that’s exactly what Morgan did. Granted he probably won’t feel the consequences of his actions since it’s a pretty outdated law that would just make the monarchy look petty if they decided to do anything about it. You sort of get the feeling that the general public would make exceptions to chastise Piers Morgan though…

On top of that, people are also slamming Morgan for being classless – what with a lot of people not being able to have such a cavalier attitude to money. Plus, the fact that the face of Winston Churchill that sits proudly on the flip-side of the note has been defaced also seemed to anger a lot of people…

I don’t know how I feel, to be honest. I’m not a fan of treason but I’m pretty sure -however repellent the man is- his intentions were innocent and was just trying to be topical and irreverent. If you’re going to the find a reason to hate Piers Morgan, you should probably pick from the list of actual valid ones…

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